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Business Owners

The Prattville Fire Department performs inspections twice a year on every business in the city Of Prattville. On inspection is conducted by the Division of Codes and Standards and they perform a Life Safety and Fire Code Inspection. The second inspection is performed by the fire crew on the fire truck called a Pre-Fire Plan Inspection.

Life Safety and Fire Code Inspection
The following areas are inspected by inspectors during a Life Safety and Fire Code Inspection some of these areas will not apply to all businesses:
• General Operations/Fire Precautions
(Fire hydrant accessibility, number address visible, fire lanes marked, etc.)
• Maintenance of exits
• Maintenance of exit signs and emergency lights
• Housekeeping
• Electrical use and maintenance
• Fire Alarm System
• Fire Suppression System
(Sprinkler System, Fire Extinguishers, Hood System for restaurants)
• Fire Protection
(Fire doors, Fire door assemblies, smoke barriers, door wedges prohibited)
• Special Problems
(Hazardous Materials, NFPA 704 marking system, materials marked correctly)
• City Ordinances

Pre-Fire Plan Inspection
A Pre-fire Plan inspection is performed by the fire crew on the fire truck so they can make a plan of attack if they have to respond to a fire at the business. The following areas are looked at during a Pre-Fire Plan Inspection:
• Access to the building
• Size of the building
• Nearest fire hydrant
• Entrances to the building
• Layout of the building
• What are the contents of the building
• How the building is constructed