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After a House Fire


What do I need to do after I have a fire in my home?

If Your House Is Insured

Notify your insurance agent immediately.

As much as possible, leave items undisturbed until the insurance adjuster arrives.

After the adjuster has seen the house, sort out undamaged items. Do not discard anything until your insurance agent clears you to do so.

Photograph the damage, inside and out.

Keep receipts for lodging and other expenses. They may be covered by your policy.

Make an inventory of all missing and damaged goods, listing brand names, serial numbers, prices, and purchase dates, if possible.

Consult your insurance agent before contracting for any estimates or repairs.

Contact the manager or owner of the building. The owner must contact the insurance company and protect the building.

In most cases, you are not covered by the owner’s insurance policy.

If you have renter’s insurance, contact your agent immediately.

Do whatever is necessary to protect your belongings from further damage or theft.

If You Have No Insurance

The uninsured may suffer huge losses from house fires and may have to rebuild their lifestyles from scratch. Both renters and owners should get insurance if they can.

Contact the American Red Cross or Salvation Army. They may provide temporary shelter, food, clothing, eyeglasses, and medicine. Your church, mosque, or synagogue, the Lion’s Club or Rotary may also offer aid.